Production house: Region Cinema
Producer Brazil: Opará Cultural
Script and direction: Juan Manuel Solé
Executive production:  Josephine Recchia, Beto Rodrigues, Paola Mallman and JM. Solé
CITY: Analía Pollio
Protagonist: Josephine Trias
State: Development
Gender: Dramedy
Language: Spanish and Portuguese. 
Capture format: Digital cinema 6K
Final format: 4K.
Estimated duration: 90 minutes.


White is obsessed with efficiency and productivity. Is a successful professional in the industry ECT. In holy week we met 10 years of the death of his father. She is convinced that there are things in life that can't be overcome, only to be dragged to stop feeling them and it is better that way.


His grandmother, Norma 92-year-old, lives in Rivera, on the border with Brazil, the hometown of White. Norm tells him that she is dying, she knows that is the only way to return to his granddaughter and bring the family together. In Rivera, White will have to deal with the past he tried to leave behind and the present that is not satisfied. In addition to the extensive agenda of activities catholic that was prepared by his grandmother to do together.

White is a species of Amelié's capitualismo and anxiety.
White and their universes

Markets and laboratories

  • Official selection EntreFonrteras, Paraguay 2023.
  • Official selection for the FAM, a meeting of co-productions, the MERCOSUR countries of Brazil. 2022
  • Official selection of Bolivia Lab. 2022

News and awards

  • Winner of the Background of the INCAU to development of project 2021.
  • Selected as a project of fiction with an additional support for the realization of teaser. 
  • Selected for the program PUA, projects in development ANDE 2022

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