Production house: Region Cinema
Script and direction: Juan Manuel Solé
Executive production:  Josephine Recchia, Gustavo Castro, and JM. Solé
State: Development
Gender: Police – Mafia
Language: Spanish  
Capture format: Digital cinema 6K
Final format: 4K.
Estimated duration: 6 chapters – 50 min


Simon, a police sectional tenth of Maldonado, is drawn out of your monotonous routine when Vitto Calderone, a former capo of the Italian mafia, he is killed at his residence in Punta del Este. As the deaths continue, all gangsters "retired" in the east of uruguay, it reveals the presence of the Swamp, an enigmatic hit man whose face no one knows.


With few resources but a sharp instinct, Simon becomes obsessed with the challenge, This takes it to the limit of what you think is right. Carmen agent of INTERPOL Spain, arrives following the steps of the Swamp. Recruits Simon to work,

The mafia is not removed.
Paradiso Nostro