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The screenplay is the foundation on which to build all audio-visual production. It is the map that guides directors, actors, producers and the entire team behind the scene in the journey towards the creation of a memorable history. In this premise is based on our three workshops script, looking from the experience, bringing writers, actors and producers to the challenge that they are going to face making fiction in Uruguay. 

Workshops are given by Juan Manuel Solé, screenwriter, director and producer in uruguay. 

The workshops arise from the experience and understanding of the needs and challenges faced by the screenwriter, actors and producers to make films in Uruguay

Three proposals with the same starting point


The script to the screen

This workshop is aimed at beginners and professionals. Our goal is to provide the formal tools and creative in order to develop their stories. The process of the pages to the screen is thought to be determined by scripture. 


From the script to the acting

The script is written to be filmed. The challenge for the actor is to offer it to the camera, the truth that holds the text. From the writing, and the analysis we put into practice some acting exercises to camera. 


From script to production

It is focused on students, producers who want to write or to incorporate tools of script analysis as writers and directors that want to produce. The scripts are stories to be made in Uruguay. 

From script to screen

This workshop is designed for writers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals, as well as for people who wish to explore the writing of scripts for the first time. Through practical exercises and fundamental theory, participants will learn how to develop solid, memorable characters and dialogues are convincing. In addition, it will address technical guide to not being shipwrecked once immersed in the writing process. "Writing is rewriting".

  • At the end of the workshop you will have the essential tools to begin the writing of a feature film.
  • A project to begin to develop. 

From script to performance

This workshop focuses on the relationship between the script, the actor and the camera. To achieve authentic renditions of their instruments and cinema, the first step is to understand the motivations and needs of my character. Write is the first step to see beyond the text. 

The participants will work on practical exercises of script and performance, designed to emulate the dynamics of filming.

  • At the end of the workshop you will have the essential tools to begin the writing of a feature film.
  • Tools to enhance your qualities as an actor for camera and compensate for weaknesses.

From script to production

This workshop is aimed at film students, producers that want to incorporate creative tools and script-writers and directors who want to produce. In addition to the work of script, will be addressed with strategies, tools, and funding for film projects in Uruguay.

  • At the end of the workshop you will have the essential tools to begin the writing of a feature film.
  • A clear picture of how to finance a film in Uruguay.
  • A way to continue with the project developed.

Schedule 2023

All modalities has a duration of 9 weeks in total, from October to December 2023. The last week will be one to one with the projects developed or evaluation with the actors. 


The workshop is once a week, and has a duration of 2 hours. Each group will be composed of more than 9 people in order to achieve a custom job. 


In the schedule details the learning general script every week, and the focus that incorporates each workshop.


Space is limited up to form the group, maximum of 9 people. The quota reserves having handed over the registration form and the first payment. 

Weeks 2 and 16 October

Registrations and queries.

Week of October 23

Start. Introduction to the script. Syd Field, base structure, exercises, and a first approach to the focus of each workshop. The participant accounts of their projects and goals. 

Week of October 30 and November 6

Story line, synopsis, treatments, and exercises. Studio scenes and movies of reference. 


In production it makes a map of the national funds.


In action scenes depicted known in front of camera. 

Weeks 13, 20 and 27 November

Each participant selects a project to develop. Put in common and discuss stories. Outline, timeline, and sheet wheelie as tools to organize work and view the history. 


In production we use the foundations of ACAU and FONA to assemble folders. 


In action they make exercises with limits of shots and time, simulating situations of filming. 

Weeks 4 and 11 December

Follow-up and work on selected projects. Building exercises on the development and creation of characters and universes. The conflict of the film as a backbone for the film. 


In production elaborates on the folder and talked of pitching with sanguchito. 


In acting we work on scenes and monologues close. 

Hand to hand - Week of December 18

The last week are individual meetings. We talked about the projects, concerns, strengths, weaknesses and the way to go.


In production we set 4 goals for the next few months.


In action we discussed the strengths to exploit and how to seek opportunities in the market. 

The workshops came as a result of detecting the lack of creative tools and formal necessary for making practical writers, actors and producers in Uruguay.
Juan Manuel Soé
Region Cinema

Juan Manuel Solé Lorenzelli

 Writer – Director – Executive Producer

A graduate of the School of Cinema of Uruguay in 2011, pursuing a graduate degree in Communication Science and Technology UDELAR. Began at an early age in the world of film and tv as a script writer, a task that plays professionally since 2009, to later give way to his work as a director and executive producer. Their projects have gone by well-known festivals, labs, WIPS and won national and international funding for its realization. Today, she leads the content development of the Region's Cinema, focusing on the realization of fiction contents of feature films and series. His feature film “July, happy forever” was highlighted among the top 10 movies of the year 2022 in the journal The Country of Uruguay. Works in the "White and their universes"his second feature film co-production with Brazil, in post-production on the short film "The world has ended"and in development of the series "Paradiso Nostro«. 


Previous work: Writer “Roslik and faces suspiciously Russian”  – Feature Film, Documentary 2017. Director and screenwriter of the short film "The Paquitas of Humor" 2018 – Web Series. A scriptwriter for the company Taxi Films 2009.

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