Production house: Region Cinema
Argentinean: RíoCine
Script: Josephine Trias
Address: Juan Manuel Solé
Executive production: JM. Solé, Jane Recchia.
State: Post-production
Gender: Fiction
Language: Spanish
Capture format: 4K digital cinema
Final format: 4K.
Estimated duration: 25 minutes.


Ten years after their separation, Julia and Germán are on the road, ten miles from the house where he lives for a long time. It's raining, it's pouring. Julia does not catch on the truck. Germán invites her to visit his home and from there will begin a night full of longing and blame, pain and illusion, and together you will find that they are no longer the same.

When it reaches a certain point of life, I think that every person is, of course, without imagine, with evidence that the world has ended. There is something that appears, and says, more or less: “All is lost. Nothing will be the same. You have lived in vain”
Mario Levrero